Technical Management






Technical Real Estate Management Helps to  Preserve and Enhance values.


IC does not limit its approach to your property to a commercial perspective, but will also take over the technical building management in order to preserve and enhance its value.


Thanks to our technical support, which includes regular maintenance, a sophisticated maintenance management concept and the supervision and controlling of the facility management system, your property will remain fully functional at all times.


The close interaction of IC’s technical services with the asset and property management services allows an efficient collaboration in the best interests of tenant and owner.


We will work in sync with the property management team to produce a maintenance plan. You, the owner, will thus know exactly what costs to expect in future.


We will optimise the mechanical services of the properties in our care on a continuous basis so as to continuously improve quality, efficiency and usability of a given property. Energy-conserving measures would be a case in point.


Our structured purchasing of general, utility and disposal services and service contracts contributes to the stabilisation or indeed reduction of the service charge load for tenants.





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