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Data Protection




GERMAN LAND LTD. LONDON  respects the private sphere of persons who visit this website, and keeps strictly to the data protection act of the countries in which the enterprise is active in business. This section outlines our policy in view of the acquisition, use and storage of personal data.


Personal data


In order that your inquiry of information about this website can be processed, GERMAN LAND LTD. LONDON has to file some personal data of you which are protected by worldwide data protection act. The GERMAN LAND LTD. LONDON  is anxious to keep everything according to the legislation. The GERMAN LAND LTD. LONDON  has undertaken all necessary steps that the enterprise fulfils all obligations within the scope of the legislations specific for lands and the EU directive for the protection of personal data. With your following authorisation you give the permission to collect your data and to process. Your data is used for the purpose of the personalisation of the delivery of contents or services; thus this follows your personal information demands, and further for market research and the tracking of sales data.




You can request under the column contact information about the products and services of the GERMAN LAND LTD. LONDON . Therefore obligated personal data are raised before the sending of the requested materials (your given name and surname, street, land, place, zip code and e-mail) for the execution of the enquiry; these are processed and used. Other information like company, position or phone is voluntary and serves the better establishment of contact with you. An further storage and processing of your personal data in the customer file of the GERMAN LAND LTD. LONDON  occurs only if you agree in this expressly.


The GERMAN LAND LTD. LONDON  does not transmit your data without your explicit approval to third persons.


If you do not wish that your personal data are stored in the data bank, send please an e-mail to the following address:


Not personal, identifiable and automatically collected information


In some cases it is possible for that the GERMAN LAND LTD. LONDON  to collect information about you which is of generally valid nature and admits no conclusions on your identity.

Examples of this kind of information are the Internet browser type which you use, the kind of the operating system of your computer and the domain name of the website from which the link on the website occurred.


Information which under circumstances can be stored by the GERMAN LAND LTD. LONDON  automatically on the hard disk of your computer


If you look at the website or if you give an authorisation it can happens that the GERMAN LAND LTD. LONDON  files some information on your computer. This happens in the form of "Cookies" or similar files which contribute to the fact that our service becomes even better for you. With most Internet browsers it is quite easy to delete all cookies from the hard disk, to block all cookies or to show a warning when a cookie will be saved. Please look in addition in the operating instructions of your browser or use its on-line manual if you liked know more about these functions.




If you already have transferred personal data via this website and you would like that this information from the files and data banks is deleted please write please an e-mail to the following address:

The GERMAN LAND LTD. LONDON  will take care within the possible scope to delete existing data and information, an acknowledge the successful deletion of your personal data.

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