Asset Management





  GLL- Asset Management Stands for...


- An active, dynamic approach to investment decisions!


- People who actively put themselves in the owner’s position!


- Solution finding for all technical and real estate management issues !


- Staff who care about the assets entrusted to them!



As an independent, medium-sized enterprise we understand and practise sustainable real estate management.












Acquisition and sales


Market research


Property valuation


Long-standing contacts with private and institutional investors


Due dilligence & closing


Contract negotiations


Contract structuring and management


Data room














Club deal opportunities for individual investors through our access to “off-market” projects


Economic, fiscal and legal structuring of investment vehicles for private placements


Bespoke structuring of investment vehicles


Protection via our own trust company


Support for investment decisions


Project partner mediation


Procurement of mezzanine/bridge financing


Redevelopment concepts


Troubleshooting in distressed situations, BaFin-compliant prospectuses for mutual funds


Plausibility review of third-party concepts






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